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Comments from our Clients and Customers

I was hauling a load to the US about a month ago, i saw a trucker with a tool i'd never seen before. I asked him what it was, The Cobra Highload Strap Handler. He demonstrated its purpose and I was sold. I went online to and ordered 2 for myself. The website was easy to navigate, price and shipping is calculated for you. I like the fact tool is made in the USA!!!
~ Marc Cabano, Quebec Canada

Flatbed hauling has never been easier since discovering the Cobra High Load Strap Handler. What use to take some time to secure my load is now done in minutes! I recommend this tool to all my trucker buddies. I also like the fact a flatbed trucker designed this tool for truckers!!!
~ Blake, New Hampshire

I've been in flatbed trucking for over 17 years. I injured my shoulder a few years back which made securing the straps over my load difficult and painful. I was introduced to a tool called Cobra Highload Strap Handler and was amazed how easy the tool is to use without risk of any injury. I decided to purchase one for myself which has made a significant difference!!!
~ Paul, St. Paul, Minnesota