Cargo Strap Management Systems
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The KING COBRA helps you with launching tie-downs over high loads. The KING COBRA works with cable and chain or all tie-down straps.

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High Load Strap Handler

The COBRA® Strap Handler will help youlaunch heavy tie-down straps effortlessly, over your high loads. Created by a flat bed trucker.

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Strap Rollers

Saves time, saves money, saves your hands!

Rolls up your flatbed straps in seconds! No more hassle in the heat, cold, rain, or snow. May help to relieve pain and strain in hands, wrists, arms or shoulders.

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Hect-OR-oll® Tools

Developed by a Flat Bed Trucker for Flat Bed Truckers

Hect-OR-oll® Tools are designed to save time and money. Handle straps safely with Hect-OR-oll products. Check out the video and see how you can start saving today!

Truckers and fleet owners around the world are saving their own TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY by having their straps rolled automatically and launching them over high loads without a miss. Under any weather conditions, Hect-or-oll products perform perfectly.

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