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Safety First

safety first with cobra

History of Hect-OR-oll®

Hect-OR-oll® Founder ... Necessity Breeds Inventions ...

The founder of HECT-OR-OLL® was once a very avid trucker. Therefore at HECT-OR-OLL® we understand the need for reliable flatbed trucking tools. Our goal is to provide truckers with tools that will improve the users efficiency and safety.

Our founder experienced first hand the need for innovative tools to roll and throw straps over high loads.

The COBRA Strap Handler has proven its ability to assist Truckers and Fleet Owners all over the world to:

  • Deploy rolled straps with ease over high loads
  • Save time and operator energy
  • Decrease and eliminate upper body strain and pain
  • Reduce the chance of reoccurring occupational injuries
  • Reduce the possibility of injuring innocent bystanders
  • Place corner protectors with ease

Professional Logging Contractors of MaineEach tool comes fully assembled and is made in the USA.

HECT-OR-OLL is a member of PLC Maine.