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Hect-OR-ollŪ Tools are designed to save time and money. Handle straps safely with Hect-OR-oll products. Check out the video and see how you can start saving today!  watch the Hect-OR-oll Tools Video
Truckers and fleet owners around the world are saving their own TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY by having their straps rolled automatically and launching them over high loads without a miss. Under any weather conditions, Hect-or-oll products perform perfectly.


Hectoroll Strap Roller, trucker equipment Hectoroll COBRA, trucker equipment

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Hear the advantages of owning
a HectORoll Cobra Strap Handler.

HectORoll and Cobra Strap Handler, a revolutionary new strap
rolling device, pneumatically operated, made for truck drivers and users of all cargo winch or tie down straps:

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