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Founder, Hector Goulet

History of Hect-OR-oll®

Hect-OR-oll® Founder: Hector Goulet ... Necessity Breeds Inventions ...

Hector Goulet, founder of Hect-OR-oll® LLC., and inventor of all Hect-or-oll products, is an avid trucker, and owner of Highlander Trucking in Windsor CT.

Just two years ago, Hector's career as a trucker almost came to a screeching halt, When he began suffering excruciating pains in his fingers, arms, and back. The pain was so severe that he couldn't even roll up his flat bed straps. Little did Hector know, that the straps themselves were the cause of his pain. He went to a specialist and was diagnosed with "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" (CTS), an occupational hazard for anyone whose job involves repetitive movements with hands and or fingers. The doctor's recommended treatment was simple. "Stop rolling those heavy straps, and stop throwing them over your truck!" This was just unacceptable to Hector.

It would mean he could no longer do the labor involved in being a trucker. He decided to solve his problems by designing machines that would roll his flat bed straps mechanically and also help him send the straps over high loads quickly and accurately. That's how the Hect-OR-oll® Strap Roller and Cobra Strap Handler were born.

Now truckers and fleet owners around the world are saving their own TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY by having their straps rolled automatically and launching them over high loads without a miss. Under any weather conditions, Hect-OR-oll® products perform perfectly. We all know that TIME is a trucker's biggest enemy. Wasting time is just not an option. With Hect-or-oll products there's no need to climb up on rigs to fit straps. No more slippery dangerous ladders in the snow or rain. No more rolling up to 20 cold wet straps by hand. Fleet owners can profit from the vast amounts of time saved, and the increased safety of their drivers. Truckers can maintain the security of their straps and tools in their own Hect-or-oll lock box. These lock boxes can house all the tools and straps you have, along with the Hect-OR-oll® Strap Roller. Everything you need is right there, in one place.

Of course, here at Hect-OR-oll®, LLC, we insist that all Hect-OR-oll® products must be made in the USA. Hect-OR-oll®, LLC does not believe in outsourcing to foreign countries. It was tempting though. We investigated the foreign labor possibilities because manufacturing products in the United States is so expensive. In every test, the poor quality workmanship of foreign workers made our decision for us. The only way to get our products built to OUR specifications, was to have them made HERE, in the United States by skilled craftsmen. Made in the USA means a lot to Hect-OR-oll®, LLC.

Owners of Hect-OR-oll® tools and equipment are easy to spot. The smile on their face usually gives it away. They're the drivers who are leaving the load zones 60 minutes before all the others. They're the ones who are 65 miles away by the time the other truckers are finished tying down their loads and re-rolling straps. They're the truckers who are still able to work, while other are suffering from pain and aches in their joints. You will not see Hectoroll owners climbing up on their rigs, or using ladders to position straps. They are the truck drivers who often have a crowd of observers gathered around their rig, when it's time to load ... wishing they owned Hect-OR-oll® products.

For flatbed truck owners, there is no better friend than Hect-OR-oll® products.