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COBRA High Load Strap Handler Hect-OR-oll

The COBRA Strap Handler was created by a flat bed trucker, to help flat bed truckers save time and wear and tear on their arms and shoulders.

The COBRA Strap Handler throws heavy tie-down straps effortlessly (4"X30', 3"X30'), over your high loads. The patented strap housing along with its telescoping pole, provides the perfect height for strap positioning. The COBRA High Load Strap Handler is a 2 in one tool, it also makes placing edge protectors a breeze.
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COBRA High Load Strap
Handler Model# 4101
Price: $549.99

COBRA High Load Strap plus Manual Strap Roller
Handler Model# 4101 plus Manual Strap Roller
Price: $624.99

How much time do YOU waste tossing straps over your flatbed? Tired of missing the cargo. Are you re-rolling straps for a second shot? Have you suffered an injury or had a close call when throwing straps? Do you have arm and shoulder pain? Then you need the COBRA High Load Strap Handler.

Made in the U.S.A. the COBRA Strap Handler is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum. The COBRA housing is powder coated, thermally bonded, creating a superior finish.

Want to save time and roll your straps with ease? If so, check out our pneumatic Strap Roller, it’s fast and efficient. Using a pneumatic roller may also help to reduce repetitive motion injuries.
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The COBRA comes fully assembled and ready to go!

A quality product made in the U.S.A. The COBRA Strap Handler is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum with a baked-on powder coated finish.

Cobra Strap Handler