Cargo Strap Management Systems
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"Created by a flatbed trucker to help flatbed truckers save time and wear and tear on their shoulders and backs."

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Portable Strap Roller Carts

Hect-OR-oll® strap roller carts built for convenience, durability and portability

Steerable front wheel assembly, extension handle for attaching to ATV, lawn tractor, golf cart, etc., or push by hand depending on the type of terrain. Gas powered compressor is fully mobile and comes with all fittings and hoses.

Bring your savings along with you. This mobile air compressor and Strap Roller with lockbox is perfect for fleets and bays. Quickly roll up piles of straps in minutes!

Gas Powered Strap Roller Cart

Hect-OR-oll® Gas Powered Strap Roller Cart

Gas Cart Strap Roller

Model# 4108
Price: $7,500.00
On-line Price: $5264.00

NOTE: Freight is not applied to this product. Upon ordering, a representative from will contact you to arrange shipping and additional charges.